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What about bad credit?

Unlike banks who will decline to give credit loans to those with poor credit history (unemployed with a lot of debts), at payday, we offer payday loan regardless of your status – perfect credit history or unemployed. This act is very rare and unusual amongst most of the loan offers currently available in the market.

How does it work?

The loan process is structured to be easy and completely straightforward. All that is required for you is to fill out your personal data in an application form and then wait for an approval – typically this quick process will take between 1-2 business days. Subsequently, you will receive the funds straight to your bank accounts at no other extra stress or work to you. It is designed so that you do not have to worry or stress too much. Also, we offer financial advice should you need any assistance.





Mike, Austin, TX (05-12-2017 9:45 AM)
I was very low on funds and I had a faulty car to repair. I asked my boss for some cash but he refused to heed to my plea. Fortunately for me, I found 18002payday. They gave me a loan and I took care of my expenses. The repayment structure was very favorable and easy to – 1800cashnow provides quality service
John, Dallas, TX (07-11-2017 4:12 PM)
I luckily stumbled upon website by luck, I needed a loan very urgently and couldn’t wait for the usual traditional loan services. 18002payday came to my rescue and they sent me money quickly. I was able to settle my bills and they also had a welcoming and friendly consultant. Now I realize that I was very fortunate to discover them
Michael, San Antonio, TX (07-12-2017 1:23 AM)
These guys were really quick about my loan request, the customer service was next to none and just about half an hour later  I got a good reply from them. I don’t know how they are that efficient. Regardless, they were really helpful and organized and I appreciate their assistance.
Pete, Waco, TX (08-03-2017 5:32 PM)
They are really good at what they do. They answered all of my questions satisfactorily and they really educated me about their services. It seemed fair and ideal for me, so I decided to sign up for a payday loan from them.

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